Monday, April 16, 2007

Quantum University Opens Spring Training

Quantum University Opens Spring Training

Yesterday I conducted my first seminar and on the water clinic for the Spring Semester of 2007. I thought it might be helpful to review the format used, the objectives for the day, and the lessons learned from the experience.

West River Sailing Club, located just south of Annapolis, has invited me for some years now to conduct an opening day clinic for their “Big Boats”. Since the timing of the event usually falls on the weekend of my birthday I consider it my annual present to myself to accept their invitation! It occurred to me on the drive home last night that my dedication to conducting this seminar was in the simplistic beauty of the format they have developed and should be shared for your consideration.

The Format:

Advertised as “Spring Sprints” we endeavor to put together a fast paced, all encompassing day that is more familiar to dinghy clinics. We start the day with a seminar at 9:00 A.M. for an hour or so while the weather settles in and then go onto the water for drills followed by a wrap up concluding in time for all to make their commute home to fulfill family and social obligations. Given that this is the first time back on the water for most, and that many are using this opportunity to try out or get new crew acclimated to the boat and teammates the event is not result orientated; rather the objective of achievement is in skill building and “mistake correction and avoidance”. more...